WHITE | the reflection of wavelengths of visible light; the embodiment of renewal, illumination, possibility, softness, and perfection.

Blanc, the French word for white, explores the color white in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, gouache and watercolor, used with textures, layers, marks and torn edges. The reflective nature of white changes in different light throughout the day, allowing each work of art to change depending on the illumination interacting with it. Always clean and modern. The use of torn paper creates a juxtaposition between the perfection of white and the imperfection of the tear.

The collection is a celebration of minimalism and subtlety, and engages the viewer in intimate closeness. Beauty out of broken pieces, change, disappointment, and resurrection. It ultimately marks the transition of my life and work to the city of Los Angeles, a place filled with texture and light.

I hope these pieces offer a sense of peace and renewal for you as well.

BLANC Lisbon 2.JPG
Angela Allen