Los Angeles

LA, wild and wonderful. My husband and I always knew we would eventually end up in California. It was inevitable and something we dreamed about. Changes in careers and desires finally made us drive the same cross-country route like dreamers have for a hundred years.

Unpacking my artistic practice in a safe, loving place like Nashville was the perfect scenario, but I eventually grew stagnant in my thinking and needed to be challenged at a higher artistic level.

We’ve been in Los Angeles for about six months. The beauty of nature alone is enough to endlessly inspire. I can’t get enough of the lush flowers, palm trees, succulents. The beach and the ocean. Equal to these things is the hustle. The becoming your very best at your highest level. That’s why we left everything.

Los Angeles is the ultimate metaphor. A desert city with no water becoming one of the most lavish places in the country. I can’t wait to see where this takes me!

Angela Allen