These are the techniques I use to create my pieces.

For works on paper:

  • I begin by mixing the watercolor with water to the desired hue. I don’t oversaturate the brush, but wet it enough to allow movement. I move the color around to create dark and light areas, and allow the brush to leave its distinctive marks. I rarely remove those. If I want to remove some of the watercolor concentration, I dry my brush and then apply it to the area to remove the paint, which also helps to create variation of intensity.

  • If I’m adding ink to watercolor, I allow the watercolor area to dry slightly (but not completely) so that the ink will spread just a little bit. If you add the ink too early to the watercolor is less controllable.

  • If I’m adding a line of ink above or below the watercolor area, I use the rubber squeeze top to control the ink and drag the top to form the line.

  • For ink on paper, I wet the paper first with a natural wide brush and then apply the ink using the droplet rubber top. I drop the ink all over the wetted area, then come back with a round #2 brush and fill in the area as desired.

For works on canvas:

  • When applying ink to canvas, I saturate the surface with water to allow the ink pigment to be absorbed. I move the ink around until the desired composition is achieved. I allow the layers to dry and reapply the ink if necessary.

  • For watercolor on canvas, the same process is used.

Angela Allen