While each collection is informed by a specific set of influences, my overall inspiration comes from many art and non-art sources that I’ve been absorbing since childhood.

I’m listing my non-art sources first because I knew them before I loved other artists. These include, but are not limited to:

  • style

  • cities (domestic and international)

  • architecture (from simple structures to ornate European details)

  • Jazz

  • old Hollywood movies

  • the minimalism of the 1990s

  • the classics (literature, film, music, etc.)

My art sources of inspiration include:

  • Franz Kline

  • Cy Twombly

  • Richard Serra

  • Jean Michel Basquiat

  • Eduardo Chillida

  • Barnett Newman

  • Joseph Mallard William Turner

  • Carmen Herrera

  • Pierre Soulages

Places I visit for inspiration:

  • National Gallery of Art - Washington, DC

  • Paris

  • Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago

  • Los Angeles

  • The Apartment by the Line - Los Angeles

  • Museum of Modern Art - New York City

  • New York City

  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Los Angeles

  • Nasher Sculpture Center - Dallas

  • New Orleans Museum of Art - New Orleans

  • The Hunter - Chattanooga

Angela Allen