The Rosa Collection

About the Collection

Inspired by our beloved apartment and studio space, The Rosa collection is distinguished by an attention to subtle and nuanced details, texture, layers and raw edges in my signature color palette of black, white, and nude. And It marks the introduction of collage into my body of work.

These pieces are an ode to reimagining my mishaps and using them to create something entirely new and beautiful. It started with a stack of imperfect watercolors. Not quite good enough to sell, not bad enough to throw away. As I looked through them, I noticed sections that I really loved and were worth reimagining. Around this time I was studying the collage work of Eduardo Chilida and started interpreting into my stack of watercolors what inspired me about his work. So I started ripping them up strategically. If I liked a certain detail I would carve it out of the parts I didn’t like. And ironically, the sections that hadn’t thrilled me before looked completely different and new. The uncontrollable bleeding I hadn’t loved before looked incredible when framed with a raw edge and paired with another section from the same piece.

I’ve also incorporated delicate and clean white pieces using full body acrylic paint for texture and interest. There’s a part of me that loves a non-art look. The ghost-like appearance requires the viewer to draw closer to examine its details. If you like the idea of non-art art, these are for you.

so welcome to the collection, which captures the spirit of my days spent working on Rosa L Parks Ave in Loft 302.

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Angela Allen